METU Optimized Ductwork

Optimized Ductwork for your Special Requirements

regarding tightness, hygiene and energy efficiency / Duct - Ø 80 - 1000 mm

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Air, Oil and Water Tightness

- Air, liquid but also oil-tight ducts, fittings and connections.
- Air-tightness exceeds the highest class D (DIN EN 12237).
- Construction methods include laser welding.

Smooth and Protrusion-free Inner Surfaces

- They prevent the accumulation of dirt and the generation of turbulences   and noise.
- Are dirt-retardant and facilitate cleaning operations.
- Are suitable for higher hygiene requirements.
- Allow energy savings through a more efficient, leakage-free air-flow.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

- Unique one-bolt connection systems with integrated gasket allows a rapid   assembly.
- Parts are assembled by tightening only one Allen bolt.
- Stepless rotation of the parts for precise alignments and flexibility.


Industrial Ventilation

- Machine Hook-up's
- Oil Mist Extraction
- Welding Fumes
- Grinding Dusts
- Dust Extraction
- Drying Facilities
- Cooling Facilities
- Kitchens

Process Industry

- Wood Industry
- Paper Industry
- Shavings Transport
- Textile Industries
- Painting Installations
- Printing Facilities
- Earth and Stones
- HVAC Ductwork

Higher Hygiene Requirements

- Hospitals
- Laboratories
- Clean Rooms
- Pharma Industry

METU Green Label

Leak free duct systems

with smooth inner surfaces

reduce energy losses.

Two METU-FORM Connection Systems:

Smaller Ducts / Diameters from 80 to 200 mm

Plain System

with plain duct ends
Connection with the MUX Overcollar.

Larger Ducts / Diameters from 200 to 1000 mm

Parallel Flange System

with formed-on Parallel Flange
Connection with the SRX Joining Clip.