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Product Specifications

METU-SYSTEM Product Specifications
METU-FORM Product Specifications

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Special Access Doors Questionnaire
METU-FORM Products Questionnaire

Conditions of Delivery and Payment / Conditions of Purchase:

Conditions of Delivery and Payment
Conditions of Purchase

Additional Information  Additional Information

ZI-101 Metals

ZI-201 Polyethylene-Gasket PE white
ZI-202 Polyethylene-Gasket PE grey
ZI-203 Polyethylene-Gasket PE, white, for MU Overcollars
ZI-204 Self-adhesive Rubber Edge Molding SKK
ZI-205 Cellular Rubber Gasket ZK
ZI-206 Ceramic Wool Gasket KF
ZI-207 Mineral Wool Gasket SW
ZI-208 EPDM-Gasket for MU Overcollars
ZI-209 IRD and IRRD Access Doors´Rubber Profiles
ZI-210 NBR Gaskets
ZI-211 Silicon Gasket for Access Doors
ZI-212 PFMA Gasket

ZI-301 POM-C
ZI-302 SI Rubber Part
ZI-305 MS Rubber Part
ZI-306 RSG Rubber Profile
ZI-307 GP and GR Rubber Parts
ZI-308 RFS Flexible Material

ZI-401 HD Sealant
ZI-402 Butyl-Mastic
ZI-404 METU Protective Foil

ZI-501 Profile and Corner Piece Dimensions
ZI-503 Special AF and UF Circular Flange Dimensions

ZI-601 METU-SYSTEM Circular Connections´Water Tightness
ZI-602 Stability of the AF Circular Duct Connections
ZI-701 Fire Resistance of METU-SYSTEM Products
ZI-702 AF- and BF-Circular Flanges Air-tightness

ZI-703 MU Overcollar Equipotential Bonding
ZI-704 RD and GX Access Door Declaration of Conformity
ZI-705 CE-Marking
ZI-706 Quality Certificates (QM, ISO 9000)
ZI-708 Steel´s Radioactive Contamination
ZI-711 Tests on Rectangular Duct Connections (MPA Stuttgart)
ZI-712 Rectangular Connections Tests (BSRIA)
ZI-713 Circular Duct Connections Tests (BSRIA)

ZI-902 Directions to METU Meinig AG
ZI-903 Useful Conversions
ZI-904 Air-tightness Classes according to DIN EN 12237

Instructions for METU Products

METU-FORM Installation instructions

Old Versions: Terms of Delivery and Payment / Terms of Purchase

Terms of Delivery and Payment, Status 02-2012